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Happy Easter from Tammy Taylor Nails Bunny Hunt for Prizes!
$1,000.00 in $50.00 "PRIZES"!!!

"$CASH and PRODUCT$ are hidden throughout my entire online store. No Purchase Necessary to Hunt for Prizes! As you click on items throughout my store, watch for the little Easter Bunny to "Hop" up with a "PRIZE" of $CASH or PRODUCT$.
Get there fast because the "first one" to claim the "PRIZE" wins that prize."

Have Fun,
Tammy Taylor

Tammy Taylor - CEO, Tammy Taylor Nails Inc. - Entrepreneur and Business Owner since 1981

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Tammy Taylor Nail Party, Where Nails Are Always Fun and Never Feel Like Work Tammy Taylor Nail Party Where Nails are Always Fun and Never Feel Like Work - Episode 91 [How To: Create your Nail System Part 1]

90 [Did you have a Bad Nail Day!]
89 [Tammy Taylor 2-Day HARDCORE. Nail Class 3/19 to 3/20/2012]
88 [Time is money. Have a system.]
87 [We Make Our Own Paycheck.]
86 [The One More Thing Rule.]
85 [At Tammy Taylor Nails, We Have Everything You Need, To Be Successful.]
84 [Always make sure you have a really good referral program.]
83 [Everyday we have to practice Excellent Customer Service.]
82 [How to make your pedicures faster and better.]
81 [Customer Convenience Is Always Important to Your Business.]
80 [Always Remember, Treat Your Clients Like Gold.]
79 [How to make sure your clients are booked.]


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