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Tammy Taylor Dazzle Rocks Jingle Bell Rock Red"DAZZLE ROCKS" PRIZMA POWDERZ
There is no limit to all the ways you can "DAZZLE UP" every Type of Nail Service; Manicures, Pedicures, Gels, Acrylic, Nail Art designs, etc. with Tammy Taylor "Dazzle Rocks".

Tammy Taylor - CEO, Tammy Taylor Nails Inc. - Entrepreneur and Business Owner since 1981
"Everything you Love about Tammy Taylor "Dazzle Rocks"
Now in "Prizma Powderz & Nail Polish! Your NEW
Jingle Bell "Dazzle" Rock Collection is a Limited Edition, for the Holiday Season (while supplies last). Make sure to get your Jingle Bell "Dazzle" Rock Collection early so you can get your clients beautiful "Holiday Nails" going on in November. This way, when their friends see their "Holiday Nails" they can refer them to you (walking advertisement). Remember every "New Client" you get during the holidays will be coming back to you all year round."

Have a Great Nail day,

Jingle Bell "Dazzle" Rock Collection "Nail Polish"

(The Tammy Taylor Dazzle Rocks Nail Polish is made with a "Special" clear polish base which keeps every Dazzle Rock suspended, so they don’t sink to the bottom or leave bare spots during application. Insuring your every stroke is full of "Sparkle".)
"Dazzle Rocks" Nail Polish -"Christmas Lights"-
(a blend of Bright Red, Bright Gold & Bright Green Dazzle Rocks)

"Dazzle Rocks" Nail Polish -"Dazzle Me Up Red"-
(Bright and Shiny Red Dazzle Rocks)

"Dazzle Rocks" Nail Polish -"Dazzle Me Up Gold" -
(24 Karat Gold Dazzle Rocks)

Jingle Bell "Dazzle" Rock Collection "Dazzle Rocks" Glitter

"Dazzle Rocks"- "Rock Me Red"- Combination of "Holographic" Red with multi color little shimmers in Gold, Pink, Purple, etc.
"Dazzle Rocks"- "Kiss Me Mistletoe" - Combination of "Holographic" Green with multi color little shimmers in Gold, Pink, Purple, etc.

Jingle Bell "Dazzle" Rock Collection "Prizma Powderz"

(The Tammy Taylor Dazzle Rocks Prizma Powderz are so packed full of Dazzle Rocks you are going to have amazing "Brilliance and Depth" in every ball.)

"Dazzle Rocks" Prizma Powderz- "Christmas Lights"-
(Prizma Powder blended with Dazzle Rocks with the perfect balance of Brilliant Red, Brilliant Gold &Brilliant Green.)

"Dazzle Rocks" Prizma Powderz- "Jingle Bell Rock Red"-
(Prizma Powder blended with Dazzle Rocks in Brilliant Bright Red and Brilliant Dark Red with just a touch of Shiny Silver.)

"Dazzle Rocks" Prizma Powderz- "Jingle Bell Rock Gold"-
(Prizma Powder blended with Dazzle Rocks in Brilliant Bright Gold and Antique Gold.)

Directions: How to Do "Dazzle Rock Prizma Nails"
When creating "Beautiful Holiday Nails" with Dazzle Rock Prizma Powderz there are "Specific Techniques" and "Specific Tools" which will help you do them "Quickly" and "Cleanly", preventing your Dazzle Rocks from getting on the nail bed and keeping your "Colors Brilliant" and "Sharp".
"Specific Tools" Needed:

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