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Tammy Demonstrates the "Summer Dreaming Collection" Video
Tammy Taylor "Peach Blossoms"- Pastel Peach Prizma "Peach Blossoms"- Pastel Peach Prizma
Tammy Taylor "Lavender Breeze"- Pastel Lavender Prizma with the shimmer "Lavender Breeze"- Pastel Lavender Prizma with the shimmer
Tammy Taylor "Day Dream’n"- Baby Blue Prizma "Day Dream’n"- Baby Blue Prizma
The "DAZZLE ROCKS" are not like regular glitters, their "COLOR" "SHINE" "DEPTH" and "BRILLIANCE" sets them apart from all the others. Each Color is made up of many different colors and various sizes of hexagonal pieces each with holographic effects making your Nails "DAZZLE" from every angle.

"DAZZLE ROCKS" are "SHINY" and "BRILLIANT" when you first apply them and they don’t lose their "COLOR" or "BRILLIANCE" even after having them on for weeks (heat and solvent resistant). Made in the USA.

"Dazzle Rocks" can be used in many different ways:

MIX (or) SPRINKLE (or) ENCAPSULATE "Dazzle Rocks"

Use "Dazzle Rocks" with Tammy Taylor Clear Acrylic, your favorite Tammy Taylor Color Acrylic, Tammy Taylor Gel and Tammy Taylor Nail Lacquers.

Whether you Top your "Dazzle Rocks" with TOP GEL+, Regular Top Coat or Encapsulate them with Acrylic, Gel or Gel Polish the 3D effects that the Dazzle Rocks Create are "BRILLIANT".
Tammy Taylor "Grape Spritzer" Dazzle Rocks "Grape Spritzer" Dazzle Rocks - A Mixture of 5 different beautiful shades of purples and multiple sizes of holographic Dazzle Rocks to create a different shade of purple from every angle.
Tammy Taylor "Mango Peach Fizz" Dazzle Rocks "Mango Peach Fizz" Dazzle Rocks - A Combination of Peach Dazzle Rocks in different sizes and shapes with slight shimmers of gold and holographic colors of peach, blue, lavender, pink and green.
Tammy Taylor "Sparkling Ice" Dazzle Rocks "Sparkling Ice" Dazzle Rocks - A Combination of many different sizes and shapes of holographic Dazzle Rocks in clear, white and silver with slight shimmers of peach, blue, lavender, pink and green that give the effect of ice sparkling in the sunlight.
Tammy Taylor "Mint Julep" Nail Lacquer "Mint Julep" Nail Lacquer-a creamy pastel mint green
Tammy Taylor "Dreamsicle" Nail Lacquer "Dreamsicle" Nail Lacquer-a creamy light pastel peach

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