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Nail MAINTENANCE for Natural Fingernails
Link to PDF file for printing for "natural" fingernails


Coming in for manicures every 1-2 weeks is a necessity with natural fingernails or they look shabby. To keep your fingernails looking good between manicures, you will need to file your rough edges; keep your cuticles nourished and apply clear polish, or just shine the natural fingernails with the Shiner Block if you don’t wear polish.

Products Needed: Shaper File, Nail Nourishment, Z-Coat, Nail Hardener or Shiner Block, 2oz. Peach Moisture Lotion.

1. Smooth rough edges with Shaper File when needed.
2. Apply Nail Nourishment daily to keep nails healthy and strong; it also keeps hangnails away.
3. Apply Nail Hardener or Z-Coat every 2-3 days to keep polish from chipping or just use gray side of Shiner Block every 5 days to keep the natural nails shiny.
4. Apply Peach Moisture Lotion daily to keep hands soft.


When you wear color polish on acrylics or natural nails, don’t change your polish more than one time a week.

Products Needed: 2oz. Peach Acetone Polish Remover (optional: Dip-Off Jar), Conditioning Cuticle Oil, Clean Finish Buffer (File or Block), Ridgefiller, color polish, and Z-Coat.

1. Remove polish with Peach Acetone Polish Remover.
2. Apply Conditioning Cuticle Oil to nail and cuticle.
3. Buff with Clean Finish Buffer.
5. Apply Ridgefiller first, then 2 coats of color polish.
6. Finish your nails with a coat of Z-Coat.
Apply Z-Coat every 4-5 days. This will make your polish look new. Use your Conditioning Cuticle Oil on your cuticles daily.


If you have excessive cuticle skin use Peach Creamy Cuticle Remover and Cuticle Stone once a week.

Products Needed: Peach Creamy Cuticle Remover, Cuticle Stone and Conditioning Cuticle Oil.

1. Squirt a little Peach Creamy Cuticle Remover on each cuticle and rub it in.
2. Let it soak in for 1-2 minutes.
3. Push back cuticle and smooth out rough spots with Cuticle Stone.
4. Wash your hands and nails thoroughly. Then dry off with a towel and push back cuticles at the same time.
5. Massage in Conditioning Cuticle Oil. Note: Use oil daily.


Products Needed: Peach Exfoliating Scrub and Peach Moisture Lotion (and optional: Foot File).

1. Apply Peach Exfoliating Scrub to palm of hand and rub into all rough areas (knees, elbows, hands and feet) until smooth.
Note: Any extremely rough areas, you can apply Peach Exfoliating Scrub to Foot File and scrub mildly.

2. Wash off Peach Exfoliating Scrub thoroughly.
3. Apply Peach Moisture Lotion to all areas you scrubbed.
4. You can do this every week or more often if needed.

PDF file for printing - Nail Maintenance for "natural" fingernails




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