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Pricing Examples & Ideas

Since Technicians work by the hour, every extra Service performed must be added to charges.


Pricing is standard if procedure is booked every 2 weeks.  When a client does not schedule ahead of time for procedures, and only schedules intermittently; charge for Full Service; whereas a Fill-In is priced for Clients that consistently book appointments every 2 weeks.

Fingernail Enhancements (ONLY if booked every 2 weeks)

Pink & White acrylic Full Set $68
Pink & White Acrylic Fill-In $38 (ONLY if booked every 2 weeks)
Pink & White acrylic
Fill-In $58 (3 weeks or more)
Pink & White Acrylic Back-Fill $48 (Every 3rd or 4th Fill-In)
     (BUT ONLY with consistent appointments booked every 2 weeks)

Pink & White Acrylic Back-Fill $58 (If 2 week appointments are not consistent)

Prizma acrylic nails $68
Prizma acrylic nails Fill-In $38

Regular Acrylic Full Set with tips $65
Regular Acrylic Overlay $38
Regular Acrylic fill-ins $36

Any Acrylic set or fill ins with paraffin treatment
additional $10 includes hand facial

Toenail Enhancements (Usually booked every 3 weeks)

Pink & White acrylic Full Set $58
Pink & White acrylic Fill-In $38 (3 week appointments)

Prizma (color) acrylic Toenails $58
Prizma (color) acrylic Toenails Fill-In $38 (3 week appointments)

  • Basically, toenails are a little less money, and you should be able to do toenails in almost half to 3/4 of the time it takes for fingernails.
  • Plus the “big” toenail is usually done in 1-2 balls on the White free-edge & 2-3 balls on the nail-body.
  • The other toenails are 1 ball on the White free-edge and 1-2 balls on the nail-body.
  • Also, the smaller toenails are usually done with Tammy's Custom Brush in the size of Small to Medium.

Natural Nails & Manicures

Polish Change $12
Manicure $18
Pamper Manicure $25
Deluxe Spa Manicure $28
Luxurious Spa Manicure $35
Royal Spa Manicure $45 (includes: soak, hand, facial, mask, paraffin dip, & neck wrap & massage)

Natural Nails & Pedicures

Polish Change $12
Pamper Pedicure $28
Deluxe Spa Pedicure $35
Luxurious Spa Pedicure $50 (includes: soak, exfoliation, hydrating mask, and foot & leg massage,
neck wrap)

Royal Spa Pedicure $60

Private Paraffin Treatment Sessions - 45 min. session
(session only no manicure/pedicure)
Hands $50
Feet $75

Face & Body Waxing

Eyebrows $12
Lip $12
Chin $12
Partial face $18
Full Face $35
Underarms $26
Arm 1/2 $25
Arm Full $45
Leg 1/2 $35
Full leg $65
Bikini $25 and up










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