Tammy Taylor Nails

Posters of Sculptured acrylic Nails -
Pink & White

History notes 1:
The Posters below show sculptured acrylic Pink & White nails, on both Fingernails and Toenails
  • Free-edge - Whitest-White acrylic - (White, Dramatic White, Whitest-White)
  • Nail-bed - True Pink acrylic - (Pink, Clear Pink, Dramatic Pink, True Pink, Pinkest Pink, P3)
    - Other acrylic colors (Natural, Clear, Peaches ‘n Cream)
  • Model for these posters - Tammy Taylor
  • Tammy is also the  CEO of Tammy Taylor Nails, Inc.

History notes 2:
Some terms that Tammy Taylor has invented
(or coined):

  • Pink & White - reference to the Pink "nail-body" and the White "free-edge"
  • C-Curve - the semi-circle looking down the barrel of the free-edge, of the acrylic nail
  • C-Curve - should be 35% to 45% of a circle
  • Smiley-Face - the separation of color, where the White comes together with the Pink
  • Horseshoe Pattern - the filing pattern used on top of the acrylic nail, to obtain that perfect
    contour from the cuticle area to the end of the free-edge, and the curvature from side-to-side.
  • Horseshoe Pattern - this filing pattern also eliminates stress on the wrist.
    - When the Horseshoe Pattern is used, a Technician can save 10-45 minutes on FILING
  • Almond shape - Term for shape of finished acrylic nail, side view

Tammy uses her hands everyday in the running of her company, and because of the way her
sculptured acrylic nails are applied:
almost never encounters any cracks or breaks. 

  • Posters - You will notice consistency of "form" on all of the nails
  • The slightly "almond shape" from the cuticle area (base of nail), all the way out to the end
    of the White free-edge. 
  • The C-Curve, from side to side, the Contour and the Curvature of the nails
  • The C-Curve is about 35% to 45% of a circle.

Also notice the Smiley-Face, where the white meets the pink, and how the Smiley-Face enhances
the beauty of the nail. 

  • Then, take a look at what Tammy calls the "C-Curve" (the term C-Curve is now used by
    technicians all over the World)
  • At the end of the white free-edge, the nail looks like the letter "C", thus the C-Curve is
    about 35% to 45% of a circle
  • about 35% to 45% of a circle
  • Along with the C-Curve & the almond shape,
  • Filing the nails more straight out from the nail-groove on either side of the acrylic nail,
  • Increases the strength of the acrylic nail. 
  • This allows an acrylic sculptured nail to be made much thinner. 
  • You will see how thin Tammy's acrylic nails appear in the Posters.

Tammy Taylor is constantly working to improve the Beauty Industry, and still applies sculptured nails,
using nail forms, on a regular basis. 

  • Note: Tammy Taylor also holds the World's record for the fastest FULL set of sculptured
    acrylic nails using nail forms
  • Fastest recorded time is 17 min 10 seconds in front of a live audience.

Breakage: usually caused by...

  • not having a good C-Curve! 
  • Also filing too much on the sides
  • And filing too thin.
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AromaSpa Pedi
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Nail Elegance
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Peach Spa
Manicure & Pedicure

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Pink White Sculptured
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Nail Expressions
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Reach For Your Dreams
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Tammy Taylor Globe

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