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1. Keeping Your Clients Educated
The Dangers of Methyl Methacrylate

Recently, increasing problems with the use of methyl methacrylate.  (MMA) in the nail industry has caused numerous problems for acrylic nail wearers.  Many “discount” nail salons are using MMA instead of acrylic liquid to cut down on costs, (MMA is approximately $180 cheaper per gallon than acrylic liquid.)  This is why so many "discount" nail salons can charge such low prices. 

The FDA has issued a warning to consumers that the use of MMA In discount nail salons is on the upswing, and is severely dangerous to unsuspecting clients.  The best way to combat the problem the problem with MMA is to recognize the warning signs:

        Tingling or numbness of the fingers
        Whitening of the fingers
Damaged nail beds
Irritated skin around the nail bed
Salons using MMA will have a markedly different smell to them than regular acrylic

Other signs may include:

        Difficulty in removing your clients acrylic nails (The MMA acrylic combination has a much harder surface than the pure acrylic combination.)
        Employees in the salon tend to wear masks to avoid the poisonous chemicals MMA gives out

All of these signs may indicate that your client has been to a salon using MMA.

It is important to educate your clients on the dangers of MMA.

A well-trained nail tech using FDA approved products and using proper sanitation methods will not be afraid to answer any questions asked by their clients.  Keeping your clients informed and educated will not only keep them loyal, it will keep them safe.  


- Link to PDF file on this article: MMA (NOT approved) Dangers of Methyl Methacrylate


About MMA AAGlance Table of Contents for MMA
1. Keeping Your Clients Educated
2. The Importance of Sanitation
3. What You Can Do To Prevent Exposure
4. Keeping it Clean


2. The Importance of Sanitation
What Your Clients Need to Know

Across the country, unsuspecting consumers are having their nails done by unlicensed manicurists working in unsafe nail salons.  What many consumers don't know is that they are putting themselves at risk of serious infection and disease whenever they go to these salons.

Recent news segments focused their attention on unsafe nail salons, showing working conditions that would make any legitimate nail tech cringe.  Such conditions included working with dirty implements, filthy work stations, salons with no disinfectant available, unlicensed manicurists working on patrons, employees using illegal blades and needles as well as many other serious violations.

Although State Board Inspectors are trying to crack down on these nail salons, they can't keep up with all of them.  Many salons continue to operate, despite numerous violations, putting their unknowing clients at risk for infection and disease.

Without proper sanitation methods, patrons have been known to develop serious infections in their hands and feet.  Some infections can lead to the disfigurement or even the loss of fingers and  toes.

One news program told the story of a customer who developed a severe infection in her foot after a razor blade was used to remove dead skin from her heels.  The infection become so severe, she had to he hospitalized and is now in a wheelchair.  Other severe cases of infection include Staph infections, Hepatitis and even AIDS.

It is important to let your customers know that not all nail salons operate under these conditions.  Keeping your customers educated about the rules and regulations set by the State Board of Cosmetology will give them an idea of what to look for in a good nail salon.  Namely yours!


- Link to PDF file on this article: Sanitation Importance What Your Clients Need to Know


About MMA AAGlance Table of Contents for MMA
1. Keeping Your Clients Educated
2. The Importance of Sanitation
3. What You Can Do To Prevent Exposure
4. Keeping it Clean




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