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Dear Tammy, First I want to say Thanx to You and Mary Fry. To you for your inspiration in designing Prizmas, and Mary for the extra push of confidence, and ALL the time she took with me to answer all my questions re: your new Prizma Powders. Second, I wanted to share a story with you. I am an area renter in a large salon in New York, and my "room" (which is great) is secluded on the "Lower Level" (BASEMENT). I had a client yesterday who for the last few years has not been able to come downstairs due to poor health. She was really down in the dumps yesterday, and not looking forward to upcoming surgery. For the last few years she has been wearing pink & whites, but prior to that always wore a red polish. Well, Yesterday, I offered her Prizmas #111, which happens to be the EXACT shade of her old favorite red polish. "She really needed an uplift" and she felt "God made this color just for her"..so, I procedded to put her in a NEW full set of prizmas, and not only was she ecstatic, but I had a whole crowd around me watching me apply this beautiful RED acrylic. The crowd was not only customers of the salon, but also the shampoo girls, and some of the hair dressers. Thay were all in awe. I had sooo much fun!!, my customer felt like she got a gift from God, and the Palace was totally entertained!! WISH YOU WERE THERE!!! YOU WOULD HAVE HAD A BLAST TOO!! I thought you would enjoy the story!! Thanx again!! lady di

Sylvia Weeks writes to Tammy:

I purchased the new Prizma powders just two days ago! In the VERY FIRST DAY I brought them into the salon and introduced them to my clients I did one backfill and one full set. By the end of the day I had booked appointments for two more full sets on nails and two for toes. My clients are raving!

Everybody wants a new Prizma Manicure and Pedicure! The product works beautifully and there are so many gorgeous combinations to choose from. I made a few sample nails and as soon as I show my clients they're hooked.

I'm anxiously awaiting more new colors to come out. If only there were more hours in the day, I'm going to be booked through Christmas in no time!

Thanks for continuing to make the best products on the market!

Sylvia Y. Weeks

"As soon as I opened my kit I used it on one of my clients, everyone in the salon wanted it!" Pat Moore, Deb's Hair Shop- Mississippi

"Everybody is so excited about it! Even the Starry Night!" Sylvia Weeks, Sheer Bliss- Florida

"I love it!" Sherry Barge, Sherry's Nails- Alabama

"I think it's awesome! It is so fun to work with!" Deborah Reid, Interlude Salon & Spa- Virginia

"I have already converted most of my clients to the French pink and French white. It is so easy to work with on the toes!"
Charlene Ventura, Fredricks Salon -North Carolina

"It's so much fun and easy to work with!" Tammy has offered nail professionals an opportunity to have more fun and make more money doing nails with the new Prizma Powderz.. Mary Sukmann, Director of Education, Tammy Taylor Nails East Coast

Juanita's nails were backfilled with the New Mauvelous Mauve and French Pink Prizma Powderz. She was currently wearing Whitest White and P3. It is so easy to give your Pink & White clients the opportunity to have the Perfect Prizma Manicure!

Jeanette has a full set of sculptured Prizma. She is wearing the Summer Coral with French Pink. A combination that will compliment any outfit!

From Kaila Johnson, a licensed nail technician for the past 6 years, and an exclusive Tammy Taylor user in Orlando, FL.
She says: “Before I had Prizma on my nails, my clients were hesitant about trying it when I mentioned this new product I was using.  Now that I did my own sculptured nails, using Starry Night on the free edge and Pink to the 3rd Degree on the nail bed, my clients, who are comprised of all age groups, can’t wait to try this awesome new product on themselves.
I have found that the French Pink and French White Prizma Powders are especially great for my more conservative clients.  I purchased the Prizma Powderz sight-unseen because I was willing to trust in Tammy Taylor implicitly, as she has never failed me before!  I am THRILLED with my decision to get these powders and would highly recommend them to ANY nail technician to use with ANY type of client.
Thanks again Tammy for another BRILLIANT product!”

Tammy Taylor
Prizma Powderz

Prizma Powderz

Tammy has introduced the most exciting and awesome new acrylic powder, which will revolutionize how we use colour on our nails.

Prizma Powder, a special patented process that applies just like her regular acrylic, is very easy to use and not messy; it doesn’t lift, crack or break.

Prizma Powder can be used for the entire nail or as nail art, with no limitations, allowing you to have fun with your creative imagination.

Tammy is starting with approximately 50 intense, deep and beautiful colours.

Clients can choose from a wonderful variety of creamy colours, metallic colours, colours with shimmer and fun nail art colours. 

Prizma Powder is great for 2-colour manicures, toenails, sculptured nails, nail tip overlays and clients who want permanent nail colour in place of polish.

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