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White free-edge
Pink nail-body
Filing & Buffing
Finished acrylic nail


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There are 20 total pages in Tammy's Nails in Stages PDF files. 
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 5. 5-pages: A Pink & White Sculptured Nail applied with a T.T. Nail Form
These 5-pages offer very close-up views of the White free-edge ball and the Pink nail-body balls; sculptured acrylic nail using a nail form.  Recommended viewing!

Of #5, the 5-pages are as follows:
Page 15 is Etching, Dusting, Priming, Forms & Re-Priming.
Page 16 is Nailbeds & which Form to use & how to apply form.
Page 17 is 8-pictures showing the White free-edge ball: Placing, Patting & Pushing and the Smiley-Face.  (You can also see how wet the White free-edge ball should be.)
Page 18 is all about the Pink balls & Pinching the C-Curve.
Page 19 is all about Filing, Buffing with Oil, applying A-Coat and the Finished Pink & White acrylic Nail.



6. 1-page: 'Reach for Your Dreams' poster on back cover

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Tammy's 'Nails in Stages' system is available on video (VHS) or DVD, and includes a workbook set.  Learning is accomplished in 5-Stages from beginner to really advanced, including how to apply a sculptured nail using a nail form.


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