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You need to have a great powder to do great nails.


Tammy Taylor "You need to have a great nail powder to do great nails that keep your clients coming back. All of my nail powders look and feel very natural. When I started doing nails, all we had was clear or a light white color that was used on the entire nail and covered with color nail polish.
I did not like to wear polish when I did nails because it was too messy, so I created Pink and White Powders that looked like a French Manicure but did not get messy when doing nails. The clients went crazy for my
signature Tammy Taylor Pink and White look andTammy Taylor the rest is history."


Tammy Taylor Nail Powders have been developed to perform under every circumstance for every client and for every nail technician. Tammy Taylor nail powders have been the most talked about nail powders in the nail industry for over 20 years.

Tammy Taylor personally tests every single batch for performance, color, clarity and consistency before it is filled into jars for nail technicians. Tammy Taylor Nail Powders are made in the U.S.A.

Tammy Taylor Nail ExpressionsTammy Taylor Powders can be shaped while drying and they have been developed to cure gradually as they set up. This gives you time to shape the famous Tammy Taylor C-Curve into your nails before it gets hard, giving your nails that beautiful natural looking, slender, curved and strong nail that keeps your clients coming back.

Tammy Taylor Nail Powders are available in 2 different work-abilities for your nail application style. Both the Original and (S-Set) Nail Powder (aka) Summer Nail Powder have all the outstanding colors, features and qualities you have come to know and trust.

Common Benefits and Characteristics of the Tammy Taylor... Original Nail Powder and for Tammy’s (S-Set) Nail Powder (aka) Summer Nail Powder:
• Fine grain (triple sifted).
• Does not crystallize.
• Does not get brittle.
• Flexible (resists cracking and breaking).
• Ease of application.
• Superior bond.
• Tremendously strong.
• Resists yellowing.
• Easy to file.
• Hard non-porous surface.
• Controlled particle-size distribution.
Exclusive Benefits and Characteristics of Tammy Taylor (S-Set) Nail Powder (aka) Summer Nail Powder:
• Slower set nail powder.
• Created to give you more time to create a perfect smile line on your Pink and White Nails.
• Flexible (able to create the perfect C-Curve).
• More flow time.
• Self-leveling.
• Can be used with all of the Tammy Taylor Nail Liquids (except the Tammy Taylor Odor-less Nail Liquid).
• Use all year round, but especially in hot weather.
• Great for sculptured nails and tips with overlays.
Exclusive Benefits and Characteristics of Tammy Taylor Original Nail Powder:
• Fast-set nail powder, created to make
fast, smooth and strong nails.
• Never runny.
• Stays where you put it.
• Flexible (able to create the perfect C-Curve).
• Can be used with all Tammy Taylor Nail Liquids.
• Use all year round.
• Great for sculptured nails and tips with overlays.
Note: You can use (S-Set) Nail Powder on the free-edge to give you more time to work and Original Nail Powder on the nail bed, so it stays where you put it.

Tammy's 'Original' Acrylic Colors

The Pink & White powders are in order of darkness:
Pink – a very light opaque pink. (P)

Clear Pink – a very light translucent pink.  (CP)

Dramatic Pink – a medium pink with a warm undertone.  (DP)

True Pink – a medium pink with a cool undertone; just a little pinker than dramatic pink.  (TP)

Pinkest Pink – a darker pink with a cool undertone.  (PP)

P3 – the darkest pink with a warm undertone.  (P3)

White – a very light white; looks like a natural free-edge. (W)

Dramatic White – a medium white; very opaque, but not a stark white; looks natural. (DW)

Whitest-White – a very opaque, stark white; it looks like a French manicure white. (WW)

Competitive Edge Whitest-White - (CEWW, not shown) Dries slower and
gives more time to create the smile-line. Good for anyone having problems with their white drying too fast on the free-edge. Great for Competitions.

All of the Pink powders and the White powders look beautiful together; to make Pink & White nails.

Natural powder – a mixture of white and clear; to be used over the entire nail as one color; used mostly for clients who wear color polish. (N)

Peaches ‘n Cream powder – a light opaque peach; looks great on darker skin tones; used with any of the white powders at the free-edge; makes a beautiful French manicure. (PC)

Clear powder – a multi-purpose powder used alone or with original powders; and as an overlay for Prizma powders. (C)

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