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Premiere Show
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Clarke, Matt, Melodee &
Tammy Taylor

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Orlando Premiere Show
1,000   Winner is...  Angela Di Blasi, of Lutz, Florida

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Congratulations to Angela Di Blasi in Lutz, Florida! 

We had a great time educating and doing the demo's for all the Professionals at the Premiere Show here in Orlando June 10th and 11th.  Tammy Taylor was present and did 3 phenomenal classes for her clients.

Tammy explained to all the Attendees in the classes how she started with $400 and built a multi-million-dollar Company.  She said she keeps everything very simple and continues to build her business "One Client at a Time!"  Taking care of each Client as if they were your only Client is important to your success. 

Tammy also emphasized the importance of NOT trying to keep up with the Jones' so-to-speak. Not worrying about what everyone else has or is doing and ONLY focusing on the client and fine-tuning your own skills.  Putting your profits back into your business; continuing to push yourself to the next level, and not getting into a "comfort zone." 

Tammy explained that the in "Nail FAQ's by Topic" there are "$" money sign located beside all of the Articles that teach you how to make more money!  And Tammy's "Webolutionary" in Nail FAQ's by Topic, is a collection of 1 to 5 minute video shorts to help improve your skills.

Tammy also gave a simple formula for "Building a Profitable Business" as easy as 1-2-3.
Do Beautiful Acrylic Pink & White Nails
2. Take Care of Your Customers
3.  Pass Out Your Business Cards or Flyers Daily

We launched the 3 “New” Products:  A+ Liquid, A+ Coat and the Disposable File Strips.

The feed back has been awesome!!!  Nail Professionals love the results the A+ Liquid and A+ Coat has on the Pink & White Nails keeping them whiter & brighter.  They really like the $ and time savings from using the Disposable File Strips.  The time savings from not having to disinfect the files after each file... just peel the Disposable File Strip off and throw it away!  Also, there is a big $ dollar savings from using these new files.  They love that all the file strips are new for every acrylic service which translates into time saved from not using worn down files!  Their Manicuring Tables are no longer cluttered with a drawer full of used files!

These New Disposable File Strips are great for calming the clients’ fears about the sanitation concerns in the Beauty Industry.  The Disposable Long-Lasting Zebra 180 grit, the Clean Finish and the Foot Files Strips can also be retailed to the clients.




Note to Tammy from Angela

Hello Mrs. Taylor,                                     

I just want to thank you again for your kindness.  I have never won anything in my life and you and your beautiful staff have given me more than you can imagine!  I took the Orlando class this past Monday with Melodee and I learned more with her in 8hrs than I did in the 4 months of nail school!  And the $1000 helped me out tremendously.  I picked up my $500 worth of product and I put the other $500 away for a future Nail Salon!
I have been licensed since October of 2006 and NEVER did any Pink & Whites.  If someone wanted a new or a fill, I would send them away.  But I came back to Lutz/Tampa with the knowledge and confidence that I could do it!  I cleaned my table and removed all other products and proudly lined my station with ONLY Tammy Taylor nail supplies, put up my Tammy Taylor posters and did what Melodee told me to do ... I asked for several ladies to wear my Pink & Whites for free and be my nail models.  Well, it  worked today, almost a week later, I put my 1st, yes I said first, set of Pink & Whites on!  I have attached a picture of them.
I can't express to you how your story, kindness and Melodee's help will help me in the future.  I am sure you must get emails by the dozen with the same stories, but it comes from my heart when I say thank you for everything.  If I hadn't stop by your nail booth at the Orlando show and met Melodee, I know that today I would not have done a set of nails like I did. 
I just thought you would like to know.
Angela DiBlasi
Lutz/Tampa Fl.












Tammy's "Tulips" poster, and
when faded a little, makes an excellent background
for brochures, flyers & business cards.




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