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"Nails are always fun and never feel like work."   Tammy Taylor

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new      3-in-1 - (Base - Strengthener - Top) - (20180413)
            - Base Coat
            - Nail Strengthener
            - Top Coat

new      Safety Drill Bits - (20180406)
                        Carbide Drill Bits
            - Coarse - Small Cone
            - Medium Grit with Medium Barrell

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       Product Spotlight

       3-in-1 Nail Hardener, Top & Base             - (201511032016100720170310)
            - Nail Hardener, Base Coat, Top Coat and Strengthener
            - Helps Nail-Biting, Weak, Thin fingernails; polish adhere, and extends manicures & Dries fast

A:Product Spotlight

      A+ Coat - (20170825)
            - Acrylic sealer for Pink & White, French and Fade - Acrylic Nails
      A+ Coat - (201506052013102120170623)
            - Acrylic sealer for Pink & White, French and FADE acrylics
            - Super Shiny, prevents yellowing, staining and Air dries in 30 seconds
            - Keeps Whites White and Pinks Bright
      A+ Nail Liquid - (20180316)
      Acetone- (20171103)
            - 100% pure
       Anti-Bacterial Soft Soak- (20171020)
            - Therapeutic Foaming Soak - Peach scented...

       Aroma Spa Intense Massage Oil and Energizing Crystals - (20150925)
            -   Intense Massage Oil - A Blend of Natural AromaTherapy Oils
            -   Pour a small amount into the palm of your hand,
            -   rub your hands together to warm oil,
            -   continue with massage
            -   In the bath,
            -   pour a small amount into warm water as an aromatherapy moisturizing bath
            -   Also used with Energizing Crystals to form a paste for exfoliating.

            -  Energizing Crystals - Use for Soaking and Exfoliating
            -   Pour a small amount into warm water,
            -   and as the crystals melt, they create a softening,
            -   hydrating aromatherapeutic treatment wonderful in whirlpools
            -   For Exfoliating,
            -   shake a small amount into the palm of your hand,
            -   add enough Intense Massage Oil to dampen and make a paste
            -   Use this paste as an invigorating spa scrub to exfoliate.

B: Product Spotlight

       Brush - Custom "Flat" Kolinsky Sable Brushes - (201508072016061020160729)
            - Custom "Flat" Small #6 - Great for Toenails
            - Custom "Flat" Medium #6 - Great for short to medium nails
            - Custom "Flat" Large #6 - Great for medium to long nails
This custom shape is a cross between an oval brush and a flat brush. The flat part gives you total control and the oval part holds plenty of liquid for ball consistency and flow.

       Brush-on Glue - (20151002)
            - Makes tip application even easier
            - Brush glue onto nail-tip wells
            - Easily brush onto cracks or breaks, for a quick fix
            - Easy to Apply, glue brushes on
            - Dries to Natural Pink Color
            - Adheres Firmly

       Brush Cleaner - (201503202016051320170113)
            - Conditions brush
            - Does not dry out the brush like acetone and other liquids do
            - Allows brush to last up to 2 years if used properly (saves money)
            - Removes hard product in under one minute
            - Softens and dissolves hardened acrylic in under 1 minute   

C: Product Spotlight

      Callus-Soft - (20170908)
            - Gently softens callus and dry skin patches on elbows, knees, heels, hands and feet...
      Clean-It & Wipe-It's- (20170714)
            - Clean-It
            - Acts fast to break down the tacky layer on all gel applications to create the ultimate shine
            - Keeps Gel Brush clean, for a smoother application
            - Use to clean any surface prior to gel applicaton
            - Comes in 16oz, and 3oz

            - Wipe-It's
            - 100% Lint free medical grade wipe, perfect for gel services
            - Made from polypropylene
            - Durable, one wipe can be used for entire gel service
            - Does not over absorb the cleaning solution, used for gel services
       Clean-It and Wipe-It's - (20160408)
            - Unique chemical composition acts fast, to break down the tacky layer in all types of GEL applications, to create the ultimate shine
            - Use on any gel, to remove the tacky layer "prior" to filing
            - Use to clean any type of surface "before" applying a GEL product
            - Use to wipe GEL off skin "before" curing
            - Keeps GEL Brush clean, for a smoother application
            - Use to clean any nail surface "after" filing, and "before" applying a

       Clean-It- (20171013)
            - Clean natural nails, GEL surfaces and GEL brushes...
       Clean-It - (a MUST HAVE for GELS) ( 20150313)
            - use on ANY Gel
            - use to Clean any Surface before applying Gel
            - keeps Gel BRUSH Clean
            - use to Clean any Surface AFTER Filing, before Gel

       Clean Finish Buffer File - (20150814)
            - Washable buffer made out of the highest quality cloth material
            - Will not leave any grit or filing particles in or on the nail surface when buffing
            - Use with or without oil to finish the nail to a smooth surface
            - Lasts 5 to 10 times longer than other sanding buffers
            - Available in block or file, and smooth or medium surface new

      Color Grip - (20170811)
            - the Perfect "BASE" Coat for Nail Lacquers (Nail Polish)

       Cover It Up - Pink Powders - (201602262016081220161202)
            - Pink & White Nails with NO Fill-lines
            - Cover imperfections in the Natural nail
            - Easily Covers and Extends the Nail-bed creating an illusion of a long Slender & Beautiful Nail
            - Use to create the Nail-bed first, when doing the Reverse technique of acrylic application
            - SIX Color Shades with NO Shimmer:
                  Extra Light Pink, Light Pink, Fresh Pink, Medium Pink, Medium Dark Pink and Dark Pink
            - Use with Nail-Forms to Sculpture the Entire Nail or Nail-Tip as Over-lays
            - Create the entire nail with a One Color process for a Natural Polished LOOK
            - Strong and Durable, just like "Original" Acrylic Powders
            - Correct Unevenly shaped Nail-beds
      Creamy Cuticle Remover- (20171027)
            - and Cuticle maintenance
      Cuticle Oils - (20170331)
            - Peach and Gardenia fragrances
      Cutie File - with Disposable Zebra Strips - (20171215)

       Custom “Flat” Kolinsky Sable Brushes - (20160212)
            - Custom “Flat” Small #6 – Great for Toenails
            - Custom “Flat” Medium #7 – Great for Short to Medium
            - Custom “Flat” Large #8 – Great for Medium to Long nails
     This custom shape is a cross between an oval brush and a flat brush.
     The flat part gives you total control and the oval part holds plenty of liquid for ball consistency and flow.

       Cutie-File - must have for Clients - (20151023)
            - 3-in-1
            - Cuticle Pusher
            - Shaper
            - Smoother
            - Unique Shape makes the Cutie-File a Multi-Purpose Nail Tool
            - Manicure & Pedicure Services

D: Product Spotlight

       Dappen Dishes - Liquid & Brush Cleaner dishes - (2015032720151225201603042016092320170526)
Black dish - Nail Liquid for regular acrylic
White dish - Nail Liquid for Prizma acrylic
White dish - Brush Cleaner
            - ALL Ceramic
            - Easy to Clean
            - Heavy enough so they do not slide or tip over
            - Heavy enough so brushes can stand in them
            - Clearly labeled
            - Cuts down on Fumes
            - Better than a mendapump
            - Cork stopper to hold in odors, when not in use
            - Makes Station look Professional
            - The Black Nail Liquid dish makes it easy to see contamination

       Dazzle Rocks - (20170303)
            - Glitters - (20150918)
            - mix into, or on top of... - especially when you want some ZING
            - Many colors - including Red & White
       Dazzle Rocks - Glitters
Tammy Taylor “Dazzle Rocks” Glitter
            -  The “DAZZLE ROCKS” are not like regular glitters; their “SHINE” “DEPTH” and “BRILLIANCE” sets them apart from all the others. And, they are not only SHINY and BRILLIANT when you first apply them, but they do not lose their SHINE and BRILLIANCE, even after having them on for weeks (heat and solvent resistant)
            -  These “Dazzle Rocks” glitters are made with various sizes of hexagonal pieces, each with holographic effects making your Nails “DAZZLE” from every angle
            -  “Dazzle Rocks” can be used in many different ways:
MIX (or) SPRINKLE (or) ENCAPSULATE “Dazzle Rocks”
Use “Dazzle Rocks” with Tammy Taylor Clear Acrylic, your favorite Tammy Taylor Color Acrylic, Tammy Taylor Gel and Tammy Taylor Gelegance.
            -  Whether you Top your “Dazzle Rocks” with TOP GEL+, Regular Top Coat or Encapsulate them with Acrylic, Gel or Gel Polish; the 3D effects that the Dazzle Rocks Create are “BRILLIANT”.

            - Glitters - Dazzle Rocks Glitters - "Night on the Town” Collection
            - City Lights - glitter - Combination of holographic silver, white and shimmering multi-colors that give the effect of city lights at night.
            - Midnight Sky - glitter - Combination of holographic blue, black and shimmering multi-colors, like the reflection of the sky at night.
            - Moonlight - glitter - Combination of holographic gold, white and shimmering multi-colors that give the effect of a full moon.
            - Rock Me Red - glitter - Combination of holographic Red with multi-color little shimmers in Gold, Pink and Purple
            - Shimmering Stars - glitter - Combination of white with shimmering multi-color holographic pieces that give the effect shimmering stars.

       Disinfect, Disinfect, Disinfect - (2015050120160401)
            - Ready to use Disinfect spray
            - State Board Approved and Hospital Grade
            - Use to disinfect files, implements, tables, bathrooms, hard surfaces and blood spills
            - Great for traveling and public areas
            - Kills 99.9% of bacteria, tuberculocidal and meets OSHA blood borne pathogen Standard for HIV, HBV and HCV
            - Peach scent
            - Can be for retail

E: Product Spotlight

      Engraved Sculpt Tube Key - (20180309)
       ETCHER Strips - (a MUST HAVE for Acrylics) - (20150515201607082016112520170127)
            - Made out of the same material as the 100-grit Purple Terminator
            - Rounded at the end to allow etching close to the cuticle
            - Inexpensive and compact
            - Disposable and does not need to be disinfected
            - Eliminates 75% of LIFTING problems
            - Comes in a pack of 50

       Exfoliating Scrub - (20171006)
            - All Natural pumice exfoliate...
      Exfoliating Scrub - (20171229)
      Exfoliating Scrub , Peach - (for Every Salon & for Retail) - (20150417201601152016093020161216)
            - Exfoliates and softens dry, rough skin
            - Promotes healthier skin
            - Contains pumice beads in the lotion as opposed to regular sea salt which breaks down quickly and is not efficient
            - Smells great
            - Super moisturizing
            - Can use all over body
            - Great for retail
            - For pedicure and manicure services

F: Product Spotlight

       File - Purple Terminator 100-grit for etching & shaping - (20170421)
       - Must Have - for ALL Beauty Technicians
            -   1. Made from a special ceramic material, not paper
            -   2. Best file for Fill-ins, Shaping, Etching and Removing Gel Polish
            -   3. Use to Etch nail to eliminate 75% of Lifting problems

       First Choice concentrate - (201504242016011520160527)
            - State Board Approved for 10 minutes soak and wet sanitizers
            - 8 oz. bottle of First Choice Concentrate makes 32 half gallons of Hospital Level Disinfectant
            - Kills 99.9% of bacteria
            - Cuts tough grease and grime without scrubbing
            - Meets OSHA blood borne pathogen standard for HIV, HBV, HCV
            - Air dries
            - Can use for Retail and at Home to Clean
       First Choice concentrate video - [YouTube]  2:09
       Flawless Finish & Flawless Foundation
            - GEL Base & Top coats - (20170915)
            - Base & Top Coat for GEL
       Flawless Foundation & Flawless Finish - GEL
            - Base and Top Coat for GEL cured with UV or LED
            - For all BRANDS of Gel Polish
            - Thin and non-yellowing
            - High Shine
            - Great for Pink & White nails
            - UV inhibitor
            - Flawless Foundation helps GEL adhere
            - Flawless Finish seals the color for protection

       FOOT File, Large (Purple) Terminator - Callus removal
            - (201603182016070120161104)
            - Removes Calluses
            - Great handle support
            - Washable and Disinfectable
            - Longest lasting FOOT File in the industry
            - Double-Sided
            - Great Retail item

       Forms, Nail - (20170630)
            - Gold (Original), Black (Square), White (Oval)
      Fresh Nail - (20180112)
                   - Fast, effective remedy for the common bacterial infection of the nail-plate, pseudomonas.
       Fresh Nail - (Quick and Effective Remedy for The Greenies) - (20150731)
            - Pseudomonas bacteria also referred to as "The Greenies"
            How To Use:
            - Nip away the artificial nail covering the green area;
            - Saturate a cotton ball with "Fresh Nail" and hold on the greenish area about 1 minute; (this will lighten the green, but the stain is permanent, and will have to grow out);
            - reapply acrylic, unless the nail-plate has gotten soft, then wait until the next appointment to reapply acrylic

G: Product Spotlight
       GEL Coats by Tammy Taylor

            - Gelegance Gel Polish & Gel Art Paint, Hard Gel, Flawless Foundation & Flawless Finish, Tip-It, Re-Inforce, Top Gel +, Miracle Manicure Base Coat, Soak-Off Nail Gel and Into The Matte (a matte finish) Top Gel
                     - Doesn't Shrink
                     - Doesn't Wrinkle
                     - Doesn't Pull Back
                     - Goes On Like Glass
                     - Always Shiny (except "Into The Matte" which is a matte finish)
           Tammy Taylor's Gelegance Gel Polish Makes Doing Nails Fun!
       GEL Art Paint - (20180105)

       Gelegance GEL Art Paint - essential Top Coat - (20140926)
            - Black
            - Silver (silver-gray)
            - White
            - Gold (gold-gold)
         Descriptions for GEL Art Paint
            - Dries Shiny and Tack-Free
            - Use with or without Top Gel
            - Ultra Thick Consistency
            - Heavily Pigmented
            - No Movement & Easy to Use
            - Dual Cure: 2 Min. in UV or 1 Min. in LED
            - Convenient Jar .25 oz.

H: Product Spotlight

       Hard Gel - Sculpturing GEL - (20151016)
            - 3 in 1 (Base-Builder-Top) GEL
            - Very Simple to Use
            - Dual-Cure Technology - Curing: LED and UV
            - Extreme Strength and Durability
            - Use for: Sculpting, Nail-Tip extensions, Natural Nails, Overlays and Encapsulation
            - Available in: Crystal Clear, French White and French Pink

I: Product Spotlight

      I'm Not Tacky! - (20170901)
            - Tack-free Top GEL
       I'm Not Tacky! - Tack-free Top GEL - (20161209)
            - Can be used with Gel Polish, Acrylic and Gel Paint
            - No Wipe Surface
            - Don't have to clean after curing
            - Perfect for Chrome Nails and Dazzle Dust
            - Super Shiny
            - Great for Nail Art designs
            - Note:
            - PROTECT your Nail ART...
            - Excellent for Nail ART

J: Product Spotlight

K: Product Spotlight

L: Product Spotlight

       Liquid - A+ Nail Liquid - (acrylic nail liquid) - (20150717)
            - Made especially for Pink & Whites
            - Keeps whites whiter and pinks brighter
            - Can be used with all Nail Powders (including TT Prizma)
            - Fast Setting
            - Super Durable
            - Lower Odor

       Liquid - Competitive Edge Nail Liquid - (for Every Salon) - (20150703)
            - Fast Drying
            - Great for Pink & Whites
            - Makes Whites Brighter
            - Non-yellowing
            - East to use with "ALL" Nail Powders

       Liquid - Original Nail Liquid - (acrylic nail liquid) - (2015072420161014)
            - Can be used with all acrylic nail powders
            - Hard Finish
            - Super Durable
            - For Sensitive Nails
            - Fast Drying
            - 30 Year Award Winning Formula

       Liquid - S-Set Nail Liquid - Summer is here (acrylic nail liquid) - (2015061920160627)
            - S-Set Liquid is the Best Product to Beat the HEAT (for the Summer months)
            - Perfect to use in warm Salons
            - Slower drying (slower setting)
            - Great for beginners
            - Gives more time to create 3D Nail Art
            - Great for clients with irritated, red or rashy cuticles

       Liquid - Xtra Adhesion Nail Liquid - (acrylic nail liquid) - (20150710)
            - Can be used with Primer for clients with lifting problems
            - Can be used without Primer for clients with sensitivity problems
            - Medium Set Time
            - UV Inhibitor
            - Works with all acrylic nail powders
            - Non-yellowing

       Love My Pedi - Foot Repair Cream - (Photo & Details) - (20150828)
             - Like having a PEDICURE in a Jar!      
      Love My Pedi - (20170721)
            - All-in-One - Foot, Ankle, Elbow, Hands, and calluses

M: Product Spotlight

       Miracle Manicure Base Coat - (2015112520160422)
            - Miracle Manicure Base Coat "extends" the life of your manicure by 75% or more!
            - For your clients who love to get manicures, want their natural nails to stay strong and their nail polish not to chip; but Do NOT want to soak their nails in acetone every two weeks.
            - Use ALL of the regular nail polishes (nail lacquers) you already have (all brands work with Miracle Manicure Base Coat)
            - Increase your Retail sales again, with clients being able to take their own nail color and top coat home with them
            - Never any soaking in acetone (which can dry out the natural nail, causing it to get wek and brittle, over time)
            - Appointment time is faster, as there is no soaking to remove the nail color; the nail color comes off with regular polish remover in just seconds

       Moisture Lotion - (20160909)
            - Soaks into the skin without leaving a greasy after feel
            - Moisturizes skin
            - NO Mineral Oil, and NO Alcohol, and non-carcinogenic
            - Incredible Peach Scent
            - Gentle for babies and sensitive skin

N: Product Spotlight

      Nail Lacquer - (20171222)
      Nail Squad 2015 - Tammy Taylor - Class at Home Office - (20151023)
(Left to right back) Rosemary Hoops, Paula Nissen, Shannon Calhoun, Nicole Holland, Corine Hughes, Cheryl Bergmann, Robin Lewis, Nikki Voltimer, Debra Jones
(Left to right front) Krysti Hammon, Darlene McCrea, Mary Stokus, Tammy Taylor, Ann-Marie Brown, Diane Warth, Tamara Weeks

       Nail Tips - (Photos & Descriptions) - (20161028)
            - C-Curve "Totally Clear" Tips:
- Bonds instantly with no tip lines, super strength, no splitting or shrinking, & cuts filing time in half.
Sizes 1-10
            - Pre-etched Well-Less eXtreme Smile-Line Tips:
- Entire surface is pre-etched and bonds instantly, no splintering or shrinking, and has superior strength.
Sizes 0-9
            - Pre-etched Natural "Square" Tips:
- Entire surface is pre-etched and bonds instantly, no splintering or shrinking, and has superior strength.
Sizes 0-9
            - Pre-etched Whitest-White "Square" Tips:
- Pre-etched surface, bonds instantly, heat tempered for super strength, & no splitting or shrinking.
Sizes 0-9

       Nippers... Antoine Cuticle Nippers - (20161118)
            - Stainless Steel with a Silver Sation Finish. A 1/2 inch jaw, and single spring action. Created to keep its razor sharp edge up to 10 times longer than other nippers. Gives precision and control when nipping dry and frayed cuticles. Can be sharpened!

       Nippers... Antoine Acrylic Nippers - (20161118)
            - Stainless Steel Gold Finish, double reinforced 1/2 inch jaw, that is small enough to chip away acrylic product with ease. Strong enough to last 10 times longer than other nippers and provides greater precision, control and handling. Can be sharpened!

O: Product Spotlight

P: Product Spotlight

       Peach Manicure & Pedicure - (20170414)
            - Exfoliating Scrub
            - Moisture Lotion
            - Creamy Cuticle Remover
            - Cuticle Oil
            - DVD
            - Callus-Soft
            - Moisturizing Soak

      Peach Moisturizing Soak - (20180126)
                   - softens, exfoliates & removes yellow stains
       Peach Sanitize - (20170519)
            - Skin sanitizer
            - Does not dry out skin and does not dry oily
            - Kills cold and flu germs
            - Great scent
            - For manicures and for pedicures
                  - Always sanitize your hands and your clients hands before performing any service!

      Peach Spa Body Shampoo - (20170317)
            - Fresh PEACH fragrance
            - Gentle all natural bio-complex shampoo
            - Moisture saturated emollients and rare botanicals neutralize hard water
            - Dramatically enhances moisture level and surface texture of your skin
            - Velvety feeling after bathing
            - Deep cleansing will relieve your hair of excess oils and replace essential moisture

      Polish Remover - (20150410201603252016090220170616)
            - Works as fast as acetone, while conditioning cuticles & skin
            - Contains conditioners
            - Two great fragrances: Gardenia & Peach
            - Non-drying
            - Fastest polish remover
            - Removes polish off natural & acrylic nails (Fingernails & Toenails)
            - Great for Retail

       Powders & Cover It Up nail powders - (20170630)
            - Pink & White Sculptured Nails on a Nail-Biter (Photo)
       Nail Powders - (20170630)
       Powders & Cover It Up nail powders
            - Powders, including Cover It Up nail powders (Chart)
       Powder - Acrylic Nail Powders COLOR(s) - (20170421)
            - Beautifully pigmented
            - Extremely strong and durable
            - Easy to work with
            - Flexible
            - Non lifting
            - Yellowing and stain resistant
            - Available in Original Formula which is a fast set, S-Set which is a slower setting and Competitive edge a medium setting nail powder

       Powder - Cover It UP - Pink Powders - (20150911)
            - Pink & White Nails with no Fill-Lines
            - Cover Imperfections in the Natural Nail
            - Easily Covers and Extends the Nail-bed, creating a illusion of a Long Slender Beautiful Nail
            - Use to Create the Nail-bed First, when doing the Reverse Technique of Acrylic Application
            - SIX Color Shades with NO shimmer; Extra Light Pink, Light Pink, Fresh Pink, Medium Pink, Medium Dark Pink, and Dark Pink
            - Use with nail-forms to Sculpture the Entire Nail or Nail-Tips as Over-lays
            - Create the entire nail with a One Color Process for a Natural Polished Look
            - Strong and Durable, just like “Original” acrylic powders
            - Correct Unevenly shaped nail-beds

      Primer - Non-Lifting Nail Primer - (20171122)
      Primer (Non-Lifting Primer)
            - (201508212016021920160527201612232017021720170512)
            - Use your Tammy Taylor "NON-LIFTING NAIL PRIMER" with any brand of acrylic nail products, which you may presently be using
            - No other nail primer will give you better results, consistently and on every client
            - Use 2-COATS of Tammy Taylor "NON-LIFTING NAIL PRIMER"
            - Let the 1st COAT of Tammy Taylor "NON-LIFTING NAIL PRIMER" dry. This will dry out the oils on the nail and kill the germs on the nail
            - The 2nd COAT of Tammy Taylor "NON-LIFTING NAIL PRIMER" needs to be applied one nail at a time; this will insure your nail primer is still "wet" when the "wet" acrylic is applied
            - The "wet" Tammy Taylor "NON-LIFTING NAIL PRIMER" and "wet" acrylic blend together causing a chemical reaction, which pulls the product into the hills & valleys on the nails
            - To erase fill-lines, apply a dab of primer to acrylic and file

                                Product Spotlight
      Pterygium Stone - (20180119)
                   - eliminates 100% of Lifting caused by excessive cuticle
       Pterygium Stone - (20170407)
            - Prevents LIFTING by removing the pterygium skin from nail-plate at cuticle area
            - Pterygium stone can be disinfected
            - If broken, pterygium stone is still good, just smaller
            - the Pterygium Stone is a MUST-have for all Nail Technicians

       Prizma Powders - (20170324)
            - 160 colors - Call office for Catalog - (800) 93-TAMMY

       Prizmatic - (photo) (NO Dip, Dip) Prizmatic powder coat nail system - (20161021)
            - Bond Coat - non-acid primer (pink label)
            - Gel Resin Coat - base & builder (red label)
            - Seal & Dry Coat - accelerator (orange label)
            - Brush Therapy - brush cleaner (yellow label)
            - Top Gel Coat - clear top coat gel (teal label)
            - Video link -   [YouTube]   5.33
                  Tammy Taylor calls her Prizmatic the "No Dip, Dip" system  
            - - - - benefits:
            - easy application
            - easy to remove
            - strong enough for extensions
            - odor-less
            - virtually weightless on nail
            - no harsh smells or fumes / no chemical reactions
            - easy color change
            - perfect for any skill level
            - durable

       Pterygium Stone - Liquid & Brush Cleaner dishes - (2015082820160311)
            - Eliminate 100% of lifting caused by excessive cuticle on nail-plate, by using the Pterygium Stone
            - This stone removes cuticle in hard-to-get corners of the cuticle groove
            - No more deformities of the natural fingernail caused by sharp-edged cuticle pushers
       Ultimate Cuticle Skin Remover - August 28, 2015

       Purple Terminator (SEE...    File - Purple Terminator 100-grit)

Q: Product Spotlight

R: Product Spotlight

      Re-Inforce - soak-off Clear Gel - (20171110)

S: Product Spotlight

      Sanitize-Sanitize-Sanitize - (20170929)
            - Peach & Gardenia fragrances, and, a MUST have for Salons
      SCULPT Brush #6W - (20180302)
      SCULPT Gel - (20180223)
            - SCULPT is an Acrylic-Gel Hybrid that comes in a tube!
      SCULPT - Shape It Up - (20180216)
            - Keeps brush moist during SCULPT product application
      SCULPT - Stuck On You - (20180209)
            - Bonder Base Gel
      Spray Pain Away - (20170804)
            - Muscle aches and Stress Relief
      Spray Pain Away - (2017022420170609)
            - A MUST have for all Salons - Neck, Knees, Elbows, Shoulders, joints & muscles
            - Relieves pain due to Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Sports Injuries, Backaches, Neck Aches, Sinus Headaches, Fatigue, Muscle Pains, Sprains, Knee Pain, Tennis Elbow, Bruises & Joint Strain
            - Convenient 3 oz. Travel Size
            - How to use: Simply Spray it on any pain or aches; no need to rub or massage
            - Does not ruin Clothes or leave residue

      Super Dry Top Coat - (20180323)
      Super Dry Top Coat - essential Top Coat - (2015103020161111)
            - Formaldehyde FREE - Toluene FREE - DBP FREE
            - Dries Shiny within Seconds on Natural Fingernails, Acrylic Nails and all Artificial Nails
            - Fantastic for those who like to change or apply polish, often
            - Keeps polish fresh and shiny
            - Great for Nail Lacquer (Nail Polish)
            - No Light Needed to Cure
            - Air Dry
            - Great for Pedicures and Manicures
            - Use between Manicures to Keep Polish Fresh
            - Excellent for Retail

T: Product Spotlight

       Terminator Foot File, Large - (Pedicures) - (20151204)
            - Removes Calluses quickly
            - Great handle for support
            - Washable and Disinfectable
            - Longest lasting Foot File in the industry
            - Double-Sided
            - Great RETAIL item
      Thymolize Solution - (20170728)
            - Solution for nail fungus (fingernails & toenails)
      Thymolize - (2015050820160617201607152017012020170428)
            - Solution for nail fungus
            - Gets rid of and prevents fungus from fingernails and toenails
            - Keeps undernearth the free-edge clean and white
            - Helps keep natural nail healthy
            - Top RETAILER for Salons

      Tip-It - Gel - (2015090420160429)
            - Tip-It can be used with ALL gel-polish brands, to prevent chipping and peeling.
            - Apply a very thin coat of Tip-It to the tip of the free-edge and CURE; then apply base coat gel before applying gel polish.
            - Tip-It was formulated especially for adhesion to the natural nail and to the gel applied over the top, creating an excellent bond; which prevents the gel polish from chipping and peeling.
            - An extra benefit is the strength; Tip-It is very thin, but very strong; strengthening the free-edge of the natural nail.

      Tips & Nippers - Nail Tips   -  (Descriptions) - (20141114)
      Tips & Nippers - Nippers   -  (Descriptions)

      Top Gel Plus - (20170818)
            - the Perfect "GEL" Top Coat for Acrylic and Gel nails
      Top Gel Plus+
            - (201505222015112020160415201609162016123020170714)
            - Seals and protects acrylic nails, and all types of gel nails
            - Non-yellowing
            - Never scratches and never dulls
            - Does not make the acrylic nail or the gel nail thick or misshaped
            - UV Inhibitor, you can use an LED lamp or a UV lamp
            - Files off easily
            - Stays shiny up to a month
            - No need to buff nail
            - More Durable than others
            - Cures in LED and UV
            - Creates a hard non-porous, non-staining surface that shines like glass for 4 weeks
            - Does not stain
            - No chipping or peeling

      Towelette's - (201504032015123120160603)
            - Use to wipe off brush during acrylic services
            - Extends the life of acrylic brush
            - Super absorbent and lint-free
            - Cuts the smell down by 25%, coming off your station
            - Disposable and Compact
            - Removes nail polish quickly
            - Inexpensive
            - Great for cleaning brushes
            - Sanitary

U: Product Spotlight

V: Product Spotlight

W: Product Spotlight

      Whitest-White Nail Tips - Pre-Etched Square nail-tips - (20171208)
      Wipe-It's - 100% lint-free medical grade wipes - (20171117)
      Wipe-It's and Clean-It - (20160408)
            - 100% Lint-Free medical grade wipes - For GEL Polish and GEL Services
            - Amazing for cleaning Natural Nails and Nail GEL surface during all types of GEL Services (never any lint)
            - Saves time
            - Made from polypropylene
            - Does not over-absorb the cleaning solution used in Nail GEL Services (eliminates waste)
            - Durable - One wipe, can be used for entire Nail GEL Service (very economical)
            - First designed for use in pharmaceutical, high-tech, biotechnology and medical device industries, for ISO Class 4 and higher clean rooms

X: Product Spotlight

Y: Product Spotlight

Z: Product Spotlight
      Z-Coat - (20170922)
            - Gives your Nail Lacquer a Beautiful, Flawless, Smooth LUSTER
      Z-Coat - (Top Coat) - (2015061220160812)
            - Great for Nail Lacquers
            - Air dries
            - Non-yellowing, for French manicures on natural nails
            - Great for retail
            - Most surable top coat for nail lacquers
            - Long lasting
            - Super Shiny
            - Perfect for natural nails and ALL types of nail enhancements





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