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Main Causes that hamper Speed...

Lifting & Organization

System, System, System
& Filing



Speed is the Key: Save 10-30 minutes on Every Full Set & Fill


1. When a client has lifting problems, lifting will cost the Technician more time in preparation.
2. Fill lines can also cost the Technician time, when trying to remove.
3. Getting too close to the cuticle skin can promote lifting.
4. Filing, when using Tammy's filing system, can save the Technician 10-20 minutes.
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Cuticle Area Lifting - WHY?
Lifting & Cuticle notes 1:
Lifting & Cuticle notes 2:
Lifting causes: plus Fill-Lines & "Shadows"
100% Lift-Free Nails

Item #4 - Filing
Step 9: Filing (Time is Money) - Filing is very, very important!
Filing is probably the single-most critical aspect of being able to cut your time, when applying acrylic nails, and when doing fills.
Note: Some Technicians can spend up to 30-40 minutes filing.

The KEY to filing is simple when you study the 5 Steps of filing.  When you see the words “All 10” or “All Ten Nails”: this means to ONLY do that particular filing step on ONE nail; then file the SAME Step on the next nail, until you have filed the last nail. 
Then go to next filing step.

Note: The filing steps must be filed in a particular order.  Using Tammy’s systematic filing System for acrylic nails; can alone cut 15-20 minutes off your time, on your very next Full Set.

Note: When filing, Do Not critique your acrylic nails until you have done the LAST Filing Step; and the last filing step is the “Clients Angle”.

The next critical area of filing is filing the “Cuticle & Contour”: Use Tammy’s “Horseshoe Pattern”.  The Horseshoe Pattern will allow the Technician to file quickly, and file a smooth surface.

Notes on Cuticle & Contour filing using Tammy's Horseshoe Pattern:
Cuticle & Contour:
When you use back & forth strokes on the “Cuticle & Contour”, you will get flat spots in the acrylic surface.  After filing all of the steps, the Technician will now have to smooth these flat spots in the surface of the acrylic nails. 
(Using the Horseshoe Pattern will eliminate flat spots.)

Horseshoe Pattern: When you use Tammy’s “Horseshoe Pattern” when filing the “Cuticle & Contour”, the acrylic nail surface will become smooth, and the top of the acrylic should end up with a long and graceful almond shape.

When you have filed all of the filing steps; you can now look over your acrylic nails.







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