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Odor-Less acrylic products:

Web-Videos using the Odor-Less acrylic products

75-watt Floodlight bulb 
Applying A-Coat & Z-Coat
Filing the Odor-Less acrylic nail
Using an "oil" bottle lid for Practice
Applying an "Odor-Less" acrylic nail using a "Nail Form"
Tammy "explains" the different "Nail Forms"
Using the "Practice Sheet"


Flood light bulb "article" in PDF format

Odor-Less "Update" in PDF format

Practice Sheet for Odor-Less in PDF format

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Also, see "Odor Control" in the Salon

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1st, get a 
T.T. Trash Cover
2nd, get a package of Tammy Taylor Towelette's3rd, get a
T.T. Dappen Dish
When you can arrange it, an Exhaust System would be great.




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