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Should you get a pedicure in a Salon that uses:
Pedicure Chairs? Or Pedicure Thrones?
picture and dimensions

NOT Recommended:
It is NOT
recommended that the “Spa pedicure chairs” be used for pedicures.  Some Salons are using them for their pedicures, but they are not easily cleaned, and can harbor bacteria.

Reason the chair is Not recommended: A thorough disinfecting MUST be implemented, and maintained in between every single client, throughout the day.  AND this disinfecting MUST absolutely be done immediately after any pedicure service.  And this cleaning process can even take an hour or two to complete.


It is better to receive a pedicure using a simple pedicure tub
The pedicure tub
can be easily filled and emptied at the sink.  And it is easy to disinfect, using the Tammy Taylor "First Choice".

The Tammy Taylor
“First Choice” concentrate disinfectant is the recommended disinfect for disinfecting the pedicure tub.

The Tammy Taylor “Disinfect, Disinfect, Disinfect” spray is used to spray the "Station" (table, chairs & other hard surfaces) of the Technician, in between clients.

Simple pedicure tub being used. Simple pedicure tub showing water.
The "tub" is very easy to disinfect. The "tub" is portable.

Pedi-Stool that Tammy uses

This is a pretty good Pedi-Stool for the Technician

This stool rolls around, and is compact.
The clients foot is placed on the padded pull-out.
Underneath the cushion for the Technician, is a
pull-out drawer, for supplies.

To view dimensions for making this stool or to see
what the approximate measurements should be when
you are looking for a Pedi-Stool to purchase; click on
the PDF file below:
Dimensions for Pedi-Stool (PDF file)











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