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The only recommended way of explaining, unless you are a doctor, on how to use T.T. Thymolize is:

  "Most people find that if they use one drop of T.T. Thymolize underneath the free-edge, on all ten nails, where the hyponychium joins to the nail plate, 3 to 5 times a day, 7 days a week until their next appointment (in 2 weeks), the condition that looks like some type of fungal activity will normally start clearing up."  

The same recommendation is also for toenails.

Note: Do Not touch the T.T. Thymolize dropper to the affected area.

T.T. Thymolize should be Retailed to every Client as soon as they have artificial nails applied.

T.T. Thymolize when used daily:

* Helps prevent Fungus

* Whitens and cleans the natural nail under the free-edge

* Helps prevent germs from spreading


Some common jobs that should be made aware of T.T. Thymolize are bartenders, day care staff, school teachers, nurses, people handling money and janitorial, just to name a few.



T.T. Fresh Nail

The best product for "The Greenies"

Every manicure station should have a bottle readily available for when a client comes in with a "green" nail.

1st: Remove the artificial nail from the "green" nail.

2nd: Saturate a T.T. Towelette with T.T. Fresh Nail and hold on top of the "green " area for 1 minute. Nail can also be submerged in a small dappen dish with T.T. Fresh Nail for 1 minute.

3rd: Now apply an artificial nail. The discolored area will be a little lighter in color and it will eventually grow off. If the natural nail is very soft do not reapply an artificial nail, wait 2 weeks. Then decide whether to reapply.


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 Greenie Nail  -  Nail with Fungal growth  

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